​​​​​​​Which is Best for You in the Tesla Model Y vs. VW ID.4 in Albuquerque, NM?

There’s no doubt in our minds that the future of automobiles is electric. As you surely know, Tesla has been blazing the trail for electric vehicles, while traditional car companies have been lagging. However, that’s soon to change, with more and more major automakers getting on board, including Volkswagen, which has begun to fulfill its promise of electric vehicle production. Some sources predict Volkswagen’s all-electric crossover, the ID.4, could become a real threat to the Tesla Model Y. Keep reading to discover the truth about the Tesla Model Y vs. VW ID.4 in Albuquerque, NM.

Currently, there are two versions of the Tesla Model Y, with both trims including two motors to provide all-wheel drive. The VW ID.4 offers a single motor rear-wheel drive and a dual-motor AWD version.

What Volkswagen Gets Right



When first compared, the two vehicles seem to be priced almost identically at around $40,000, but the comparison doesn’t last long. The Standard Range trim of the Tesla Model Y has been discontinued, meaning that the most affordable version, the Model Y Long Range, starts closer to $50,000. If you want the more powerful Performance version, you’ll pay a starting price of about $60,000. In addition, Tesla autos are no longer eligible for the federal tax credit, while the VW ID.4 still qualifies for a $7500 tax credit.

The result is a substantially more affordable Volkswagen. You get a solid set of excellent features for the starting price, including wireless Smartphone charging and heated front seats. And unlike the Model Y, the VW ID.4 is compatible with most Smartphones thanks to the included Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. What’s more, the ID.4 also comes with three years of Electrify America fast charging, which should help ease the move into electric-car ownership. 

Although the ID.4 is a bit shorter in length than the Tesla, it makes good use of its space. There’s ample room for passengers, and despite the ID.4 feeling somewhat futuristic, it’s nothing like the techno-minimalist look that has become synonymous with Tesla vehicles. You’ll still have a conventional instrument cluster gauge (which the Tesla doesn’t have), which many drivers prefer.

What the Tesla Gets Right

When it comes to comparing the range of the Tesla Model Y vs. VW ID.4 in Albuquerque, NM, the Tesla comes out on top with 326 miles to a charge. However, the ID.4 shouldn’t be written off since it still has an excellent 260-mile range, which is enough to get most families through a typical week.

Tesla has its own charging network, reliable and available nationwide, a significant plus. Still, the Volkswagen ID.4 is part of the Electrify America charging network, which has more than 2400 DC fast chargers at 560 stations across the U.S. It should be noted that both numbers for Electrify America are on the rise. Tesla claims the Model Y takes about 20 minutes to charge up to 80%, while the VW ID.4 takes about 38 minutes.

Tesla Model Y vs. VW ID.4 in Albuquerque, NM: Results

Both crossovers are impressive from a technological standpoint. Comfort and practicality abound in each one, and the cargo space is just about the same. Tesla may come out on top for long trips, thanks to the quick-charging network, and it does the 0-60 mph bit in less time than the VW. 

Still, the Volkswagen ID.4 shines in two critical areas: familiarity and value. Many drivers don’t especially like the meager screen-focused cabin of Tesla cars, and the ID.4 seems more like a “regular” vehicle. Top it off with the considerable savings, and the shorter range of the VW seems less problematic. 

What We Think

The Tesla is a great car, but since there’s no Standard Range model, the value of the ID.4 is too good to ignore. It might not be as futuristic or fast, but it gets the essential jobs done quite well. It’s a positive step toward an affordable electric car “for the people.”

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