​​​​​​​What You Should Know About University Drop-Off in Albuquerque NM

There’s no doubt about it; dropping off your teen for their first year of college can be the most emotional, stressful, and eye-opening experience of your life. But it can be less overwhelming if you approach it with a bit of planning.

Whether you’re the type of parent to drive your VW Atlas around campus trying to catch a peek of your freshman or the type to bite the bullet and get out of there ASAP, you will make it through this! Keep reading for some tips on university drop-off in Albuquerque NM.

Help Your Student Make a Checklist

There’s a delicate balance between helping and overstepping, but if your child wants your help, making a list of everything they need to bring to college is a great idea. What’s even better is to make the checklist well before drop-off day to stay ahead of the game.

Without becoming a “smother” or helicopter dad (read overbearing), try to make sure they don’t forget the important things (such as prescription medicines) and have the necessities, including over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen or Pepto-Bismol.

Although it’s tempting, don’t make the checklist for them. A casual reminder of things that may be missing from the list is sufficient. Remember, this is their beginning step toward independence.

Assist in Packing for University Drop-Off in Albuquerque NM



You may think this is the time to let your freshman do all the packing, but you know what can fit in the trunk of your VW Arteon or the cargo space of your VW Taos. Try to make it fun and not a chore, and your child will appreciate your help.

Along with your physical assistance in packing, try to help your student limit what they do pack. It isn’t unusual for your teen to want to bring almost everything they own. However, dorm rooms are small, and you must remind them of this. And truthfully, they won’t need all that they think they will. Just keep to the basics like toiletries, clothing, shoes, outerwear, school supplies, storage containers, etc. And try to convince them they don’t need to bring every pair of shoes they own!

The trick is to NOT bring their entire room from home and reassemble it in their dorm room. Besides not fitting in your VW, there won’t be enough space in the dorm- especially with a roommate sharing half of the area. Instead, pack only the things they know they’ll use or need. You can always send items to them later.

Move-In Day

Some students may want you to stick around for a short while when it comes to university drop-off in Albuquerque NM. If this applies to your child, be sure not to embarrass them by asking the RA dozens of questions, and don’t be overly loud when talking. To anyone!

Your freshman may or may not want your help unpacking and decorating. Just follow their lead. Don’t always do the same thing as other parents and students; pay attention to what your child says they want because everyone is different.

Offer to make a grocery store run to stock up on snacks and drinks while your student unpacks and gets to know the roommate or suitemates. If your offer is turned down, ask if there’s anything else you can do to help, then follow through.

Remember, don’t be overbearing! Be there to assist with whatever is needed, then let your child decide how involved you’ll be in the move-in process. Let them direct you; don’t keep offering to do things since this can become stressful for them. Sometimes it’s best to leave and let them settle in on their own.

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