The 2023 VW Arteon in Albuquerque NM Spices up the Traditional Sedan

The 2023 VW Arteon in Albuquerque NM successfully brings about a vehicular transformation of what some might refer to as the boring old sedan. VW’s latest four-door automobile makes tradition cool with a sporty front end, wide stance, and sleek fastback. Well-defined lines and bold accents draw the attention in and open the door to a car that embodies performance and elegance. 




Exterior Excellence

The 2023 VW Arteon in Albuquerque NM offers itself as a stunning example of automotive beauty. A rich and elegant exterior boasts style and grace like a work of art traveling down the highway. The front end comes trimmed in chrome with the historic VW badging outlined to match. Continuing the theme, chrome accents border the side ground effects and rise to trim the side window glass. As an act of fluid continuity, those chrome lines continue to the rear and accent the bottom of the rear bumper and, once again, the vehicle’s badging. Dual exhaust penetrates from under the rear bumper and adds a sports accent to a car that personifies the finer things. Sport rims carry labor of love that includes a monochromatic paint scheme for side mirrors and door handles. The moon roof above offers an abundance of natural light to enter the vehicle’s fuselage and completes a well-rounded driving experience. 

2023 VW Arteon in Albuquerque NM: Inner Mystery

The 2023 Arteon resembles a superb mystery novel. Its exterior represents a cover that grabs your attention, but the interior layout and design serve as that first intriguing opening paragraph. The reader is immediately hooked. Following suit, potential buyers immediately fall in love when taking a gander at what VW has in store inside. While it appears VW found inspiration in the cockpit of a fighter jet, the new Arteon is outfitted with a surplus of switches and dials. Although they might seem complicated, their user-friendly layout contradicts otherwise. VW rigged the steering wheel with buttons that control key features, embracing safety and convenience. At the same time, large dials and a giant touchscreen offer large icons of commands. To further emphasize the bells and whistles, the auto giant continued the chrome trim on the interior and completed the appearance of sport, style, and elegance. 


While the 2023 Arteon displays something special inside and out, the R-Line trim takes the theme further. The already unique front bumper and grille combination receives a touchup making it look even more sporty. The rear spoiler and air intakes receive a blast of gloss black paint. While the chrome accents make specific features pop, contrasting stitching enhances the vehicle’s steering wheel and shift knob. A black headliner and the addition of paddle shifters complete the package of something different for the four-door sedan. 

Cockpit Technology

VW has constantly introduced superior technology into the models it offers driving enthusiasts. Its Digital Cockpit Pro technology only continues what it started long ago. The dash cluster ensures drivers maintain straight-ahead vision control and reveals much more than just speed and fuel levels. The absolute best in navigation technology resonates from the cluster to provide direction and confidence. All-important driving information is offered in high resolution making visibility easy and safe. The user experience is intuitive, with the driver’s ability to customize what is provided. Control, confidence, and safety are all features enhanced by the latest VW design. To learn more about the new Arteon’s features, contact your Volkswagen dealership at Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.