​​​​​​​Big Features Found in the 2023 Volkswagen Taos in Albuquerque NM

The 2023 Volkswagen Taos in Albuquerque NM packs a punch of power and style all wrapped up neatly in a compact SUV package. Volkswagen provides the Taos to the public with confidence knowing from the beginning that its design and performance would carry it successfully through any test. Regarding cost, the standardly offered technology only validates an asking price that was never intended to bust the budget in the first place.



Stunning Exterior

he 2023 Volkswagen Taos in Albuquerque NM is available in various colors, from bright white to luxurious black. Fun colors can be found between, like metallic blue. No matter the color selected, beautiful trim accents provide smooth lines that wrap the vehicle from start to finish. An added chrome trimming outlines the aggressive front grille and then adds a dash of flare under the side mirrors. The stylish roof rack is durable and able to support large loads, while its chrome finish adds a layer of style to an exterior that sports class and confidence. The panoramic sunroof allows the driver and passenger to take advantage of breathtaking views, whether the destination is urban or off-road. The Taos possesses the ability to transport passengers to a variety of places.

2023 Volkswagen Taos in Albuquerque NM: Drivability

When it exited the assembly line for sales lots, Volkswagen propped the Taos up for success. Its design and capability solidify its place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Taos features 4MOTION all-wheel drive. This technology allows the vehicle to distribute power between the front and rear wheels when needed to distribute power. Traction and stability are paramount with this patented technology. Driving takes another step forward with the addition of intuitive drive modes. Off-Road Mode makes trailblazing even more exciting than it already is, while Off-Road Custom Mode enables the driver to tweak the performance while pointing the Taos downhill and across a rocked bottom creek bed. On-Road Mode allows this SUV to perform flawlessly on the pavement during everyday driving and a winter storm fades in worry with the availability of Snow Mode. No matter the driving condition, Volkswagen enabled the Taos for victory. 


The 2023 Taos packs technological advancements throughout the vehicle. The high-resolution digital instrument cluster replaces the boring and traditional dash system. With the ability to be customized, the driver can select the information deemed necessary. Additionally, the design features an alert system that keeps the driver continually informed regarding the vehicle’s health. The wireless charging station and remote start feature add convenience and make everyday life so much easier. Whether your phone is connected wirelessly or plugged in, it can transform the Taos’ stereo system with your musical playlist. Volkswagen outfitted the Taos with the best technology to provide a unique driving experience. 

Power in the Palm

Volkswagen developed state-of-the-art features and inserted them into all its vehicles, including the Taos. While the smartphone has become a crucial component of everyday life, Volkswagen harnessed its importance and capability to be used as a communications tool with the Taos. My VW app can be found awaiting use with all the other apps available. Service can be scheduled from the phone, and due date reminders help to keep Taos owners organized. The convenience is taken a step further with remote start, and the location beacon makes finding your Taos simple in a crowd. Endlessly walking the parking garage is no longer a reality but a distant memory. To learn more about the Volkswagen Taos, contact the dealership of Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.