The Volkswagen T-Roc Near Santa Fe NM Proves Small Packs a Big Punch

The Volkswagen T-Roc near Santa Fe NM surpasses the competition in the crossover market with its animated features. Taking comfort to the extreme and technology to the outer limits, the T-Roc gives more to the crossover audience than its competitors. Backed by the reputation of the Volkswagen name, this vehicle possesses the absolute best in everything automotive, including warranty and safety standards.

Shortening the Reach



With the Volkswagen T-Roc near Santa Fe NM, fronting a smaller design of the crossover world, one might not think the access of features needs concentration and focus. Volkswagen made sure that access was never an issue found inside the T-Roc. With controls being focused and centered within reach of the driver, ease of access is ensured. As a result, an elevated level of safety is enabled. Drivers can concentrate on the road instead of searching for dials to allow the desired feature. Driver commands adorn the steering wheel while the large touchscreen is located direct center and at an elevated height to eliminate neck strain.

Volkswagen T-Roc Near Santa Fe NM: Trunk Technology

The Volkswagen T-Rock comes outfitted with a large liftgate to gain access to cargo being transported. In contrast, preliminary designs cause havoc with banging and slamming; the T-Roc features a trunk equipped with push-button technology. A quick press of a button can enable open and closing abilities. Dings and scrapes from luggage racks are a nuisance of the past. Shuttering from vehicular tremors caused by manual closing, the new T-Roc trunk closure system prevails as quickly as the vehicle’s driving experience.

Creature Comforts from Within

Volkswagen took no shortcuts when designing the T-Roc’s interior. Packing as much inside as humanly possible, Volkswagen engineers developed the body to accommodate passengers of all sizes with generous proportions of legroom. Seatbelts are of a three-point design and are height adjustable. The front seats themselves are outfitted with lumbar adjustments, and their measurements off the floor can even be tweaked for higher satisfaction of comfort. The center armrest provides support and storage capability on an even scale. As it does with all its vehicles, Volkswagen matched practicality with ease from the front seats to the rear seats of the T-Roc.

Circle of Safety

Volkswagen has long carried the reputation of one of the safest vehicles traveling the roads. The T-Roc serves as a perfect example of safety excellence designed by the German automaker. The vehicle comes outfitted with various features that enable and increase safety. LED light bulbs provide the best illumination that magnifies the driver’s vantage point. A fatigue detection system can warn drivers when too tired to operate the vehicle safely. Automatic driving lights serve as a beacon of alertness and identify the vehicle to oncoming traffic. While Volkswagen is hopeful that automotive accidents will be avoided, the automaker understands that not every situation is predictable. For that purpose, the T-Roc is outfitted with driver and passenger airbags. An airbag curtain system also protects front and rear passengers. To learn more about the Volkswagen T-Roc’s features, contact Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.


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