The Volkswagen ID.4 EV in Albuquerque NM Sparks Interest with Capability

The Volkswagen ID.4 EV in Albuquerque NM teased markets for years with its hints of introduction to the electric vehicle market. Finally, it makes good on the promise and takes the form of a four-door vehicle of style and grace. Paired with its 250-mile drive range, that stylish appearance entices buyers into an advanced power generation format without an exterior that is too uneasy on the eyes.

Taking Charge


The Volkswagen ID.4 EV in Albuquerque NM offers an extended distance capability because of the technologically advanced 77 kWh battery pack. Measuring and comparing these provisions, the EPA rates the fuel economy of the First Edition and the Pro S as achieving 104 MPGe in the city and 89 MPGe on the highway. Stats like these portray a remarkable ability not possibly attained in any traditional vehicle found motoring the roads. Providing remarkable ease of use, the ID.4 EV can be charged at the owner’s home on both 110 and 240-volt connections. For those who find intrigue with the ID.4 EV and satisfaction with the range provided but still cannot pull the trigger on a purchase, Volkswagen helps. Prospective buyers can surf over to the auto manufacturer’s website and take a quiz. Providing the starting and ending locations along with current fuel efficiency, Volkswagen in return provides crucial information in determining if their EV is the right vehicle for you. The number of trips possible on one charging session and gasoline savings are just a few of the details provided upon quiz completion. Volkswagen even speculates how much in tax credits are possible with the ID.4 EV purchase. If some additional stops are made along your daily commuter route, drivers should not fear. One quick hour of charging produces an extra 22 to 33 miles of range. The ID.4 EV is prepped and ready to accommodate the needs of any driver.

Volkswagen ID.4 EV in Albuquerque NM: Tips for Grabbing Power

Many potential EV buyers are scared off at the thought of running out of charge and not being able to find a charge within proximity. This is hardly the case and should not affect the decision to go electric. ID.4 EV drivers have a surplus of charging options in the palms of their hands. The Electrify Home HomeStation Level 2 Home Charger provides 9.6 kW of power at 6.8 times quicker than the level 1 charger. Residing all along American highways from the West Coast to the East Coast, Electrify America chargers can be found. They provide approximately 60 miles of drive distance in 10 minutes. At a public DC charging station, range can be increased from 5-percent to 80-percent in around a quick 38-minutes. Approximately 635 charging stations around the country are open for service with another 125 underway. Those numbers are sure to spark interest.

Completing the Charge Transaction

As the ID.4 EV rolls in as something new, excitement should prevail over fear of the unknown. Interested spectators should consider the simplicity of what an EV offers. When it is time for a refuel, unpleasant fumes and back splatter are a thing of the past. Simply pull up to the hub of power provision and plug in the EV. Just like the well-known fuel pump, drivers can see the charge being onboarded to their vehicle. When complete, the payment process mirrors the same as experienced in a gasoline transaction. The most intriguing, and exceptional, part of the process is the ability to walk away. Drivers no longer need to monitor the fill as no contents can spill or exit the vehicle. Multitasking is crucial in today’s world, and the same is said for taking on an EV charge. While the EV charges, drivers can confidently walk away and perform any other needed service while the ID.4 EV drinks up its charge.

Sparking a Buzz

The ID.4 EV has instigated quite the stir. As a result, praise and glory have accompanied its anticipated arrival. 93 journalists from 28 countries voted the ID.4 EV the 2021 World Car of the Year. Additional accolades have been publicized and include incredible range by CarBuzz and value by Out of Spec Reviews. Mashable furthered the compliments and gave high praise to the ID.4 EV’s interior accommodations and technology. Autotrader weighed in as well with acknowledgement of the vehicle’s technological functionality with a peppy acceleration to match. To find out more about the ID.4 EV, pay a visit to Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.


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