The New 2022 Volkswagen Near Rio Rancho NM Pleases All

The new 2022 Volkswagen near Rio Rancho NM sparks excitement and anticipation. With all of the models available, buyers are sure to find something that grabs their attention in a car or SUV. New colors, trims, styles, and features can all be found in any VW vehicle of choice. The automaker gives everything possible in 2022 and almost guarantees to make the following vehicle selection difficult as each offers something unique and exciting.

Superb Sports Utility Vehicles


​​​​​​​The new 2022 Volkswagen near Rio Rancho NM finds traction in an assortment of SUVs designed for family travel and adventure. Whether its size or features, a VW SUV can meet anyone’s standards. For those needing more space for a surplus of passengers and gear, the Atlas offers 96.8 cubic feet of premium real estate. The Atlas Sport provides a little space but makes up for it with its R-line package. Sport bumpers and unique badging accompany LED lighting in putting the R in R-line. VW offers the Tiguan for those seeking a smaller SUV but with prominent features. Living up to its reputation, the Tiguan impresses automotive enthusiasts with features like the digital cockpit. State-of-the-art navigation is available and enhanced with a user-friendly experience. Maps can be enlarged, and the components can be customized to the user’s liking. The Taos steps in to claim its place in the VW SUV lineup like the others. It proudly displays a mark of efficiency that beats out its competitors. Offering 28 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway, the Taos can deliver its driver to the desired destination in style and for less money.

New 2022 Volkswagen Near Rio Rancho NM: Electrifying the New Year

Volkswagen lovers who seek electric possibilities do not have to compromise with the ID.4. Having secured the Car of the Year award in 2021, its future is bright and confident. With an expected range of 260 long miles, the ID.4 offers a supercharged down time of 10 minutes to pick up 62 miles. Favoring the Tiguan design, the ID.4 is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not cut up by sharp lines and abrasive components. Instead, it is sleek and aerodynamically designed to look like anything but an electric vehicle.

Stately Sedans

Mirroring the same approach taken in its offering of SUVs, Volkswagen provides a diverse selection of sedans for its loyal customers. The Jetta hails as the smallest of Volkswagen’s three sedan options but contains extensive features, both sporty and aggressive. Drivers can find 228-horsepower roaring under the hood compliments of the 2.9-liter turbocharged engine. The Passat offers a middle-of-the-road option when it comes to size. While nothing in the Passat is mediocre, the GLI model features leather seating with a perimeter adorned in red trim and lighting. It ensures extravagance from front to rear. The largest of the Volkswagen sedans rolls onto the stage as the Arteon. Taking luxury to the highest of limits, Volkswagen packed IQ Drive into the Arteon system. Now drivers can enjoy a semi-autonomous driving experience with a surplus of driver assistance features-safety and driver ease partner to provide the very best.

A Piece of History

The Volkswagen Golf found its way into the hearts of automotive enthusiasts long ago, and with the new year ahead, a rekindled appreciation is sure to develop. Drivers can take ownership of the Golf in two different packages, the R and the GTI. The R model’s six=speed manual transmission provides the control of the incredible 315-horsepower living beneath the hood. The GTI maneuvers with a little more refinement at 241-horsepower but still impresses with 273-pounds-foot of torque. No matter the driver’s power requirements, a unique exterior can be had with both that features LED lighting that is sleek and slanted, showing just the slightest aggression in a neighboring driver’s rear view mirror. Volkswagen badging proudly finds a direct residence center on the front grille and confidently announces the Golf as it drives into view. To gain more information about the Volkswagens for 2022, contact Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.


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