Jump Back to the Look of the Sixties with the VW ID.Buzz in Albuquerque NM

The VW ID.Buzz in Albuquerque NM arrived with a mission in mind and that is to prove that some things from the past are better than those of today. This is nothing we have not seen before. Who would have thought bell bottoms would ever find their way back into society again? They still graced the store shelves despite their short stay a few years ago—the ID.Buzz is no different. That iconic bus from the sixties carried its romance and mystique. Today’s version quickly does the same while it turns the heads of automotive enthusiasts of all ages but takes it further with today’s technology. 

Rebirth of an Iconic Look



The VW ID.Buzz in Albuquerque NM, proudly displays its roots. With the old bus of the past sporting a unique look, there is no doubt about the new ID.Buzz is its descendant. If it were a father and son situation, no doubt could be found in identifying the connection. The new model’s exterior honors its heritage but offers a sleek and sporty persona that resembles perpetual motion with a slick two-tone paint scheme, the ID.Buzz accentuates color breaks with straight lines that are pleasing to the eye. While a vibrant color adorns the bottom half of the vehicle, a bright white finish resembles a cap and defines the front grille. Sport rims finish the exciting look that the paint starts.

VW ID.Buzz in Albuquerque NM: Inside the Present Day

The VW ID.Buzz might remain loyal to its predecessor’s design; the interior takes it in the opposite direction. No plain and steel accents will be found here. Instead, a mixture of comforting interior and tantalizing technology pack the vehicle with a whole other level of excitement. Digital displays and push button controls identify the current times with no exception. A large touchscreen sits in the center of the cockpit and serves as the brain of the operation. The interior features its color pallet with eye-pleasing color combinations that include beautiful renditions of two-tone leather on some models—adding to the ID’s excitement.Buzz provides a surplus of legroom and cargo storage to match. Size and style are the pillars by which the interior received influence. 

Buzz Power

The VW ID.Buzz is sparking additional interest due to its carbon neutrality contribution. As an EV, the vehicle is winning over the masses. Resting upon VW’s Modular Electric Drive platform, this family transporter gets done with two electric motors mounted in the rear and a generous helping of over 200 horsepower. A dual electric motor configuration can add another 100 horsepower to the equation, with power options like these, the extended version of the ID.Buzz becomes a reality of space and power. 

Charging with Anticipation

VW immediately opted for the larger battery when developing the ID.Buzz prototype to gain the desired power and range. Surpassing 77 kWh, the vehicle will provide a minimum of 265 miles in range. Considering the basic commute and daily carpool lines, the ID.Buzz serves as a realistic option in entering the EV world. Utilizing a DC charger, the experts expect the vehicle to jump from a five percent charge to 80 percent in 30 minutes. To learn more about the ID.Buzz, contact Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.