Comparing the ID.4 vs the ID.7 of the VW ID models in Albuquerque NM


There are multiple options when it comes to buying an electric vehicle. Electric VW ID models in Albuquerque NM include models such as ID.4 and ID.7. The ID.4 is a compact SUV, and the ID.7 is a liftback sedan. Both deliver an eco-friendly drive paired with performance and comfort.


VW ID models in Albuquerque NM


VW ID models in Albuquerque NM: EV SUV or Sedan

The VW ID models in Albuquerque NM come with the same quality, performance, advanced technology, safety features, and charging options. The ID.4 compact SUV is available in eight trim levels: Standard, Pro, AWD Pro, S, Pro S, AWD Pro S, Pro S Plus, and AWD Pro S Plus. Some unique features offered in the ID.4 include the expansive glass roof providing a panoramic view of the sky. It has LED tail lights, illuminated door handles, and available LED headlights. The ID.4 presents a visually bold statement that will get the attention of bystanders. Inside delivers a sophisticated and straightforward interior design. The cockpit also offers wireless charging, App-Connect, and navigation with speech. It has a range of about 275 miles. Look at the charging options to keep your ID.4 on the road. Your ID.4 EV offers a HomeStation L2 charger for home charging. It also comes with three years of thirty-minute charging at DC fast-charging stations scattered throughout the United States. 


Fiesta VW ID models in Albuquerque NM include the all-electric VW ID.7 with a 77.0-kWh battery pack that supports DC fast charging. It will be available in three trim levels: base trim, Pro trim, Pro S trim, and Pro S Plus trim. It’s a sophisticated sedan with a spacious cabin and plenty of legroom that delivers comfort for long commutes. It offers modern technology, athletic design, a fifteen-inch center screen, and an extra-large head-up display. The ID.7 features intelligent electronic air vents that circulate air across the entire interior, quickly cooling the car down. It offers a panoramic smart glass sunroof that can change between opaque and transparent using voice control. The ID.7 has an impressive infotainment system with a newly developed IDA voice assistant, making it easier to understand. Some convenient and stylish highlights offered in the ID.7 include Discover Pro Max navigation, Hudson alloy wheels, and a keyless locking/starting system. 


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Fiesta Volkswagen

Volkswagen offers a variety of electric vehicles that meet your budget and needs. The ID.4 is available at dealerships, and the ID.7 will be available in 2024. However, you can reserve and build your VW ID.7 through the Volkswagen website. To remain informed regarding progress and updates check back for the most up-to-date information. 


We are excited to provide a wide range of Volkswagen vehicles in our inventory and look forward to the arrival of the ID.7 for you to test drive. We can answer any questions and show you our extensive inventory at the Fiesta Volkswagen dealership located at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110. Our expert team looks forward to making your dream of owning an electric VW a reality.