Why You Should Choose the VW ID.4 over the 2023 Tesla Model Y near Santa Fe NM

Whether you jumped on the electric vehicle bandwagon early on, or recently decided to make the switch to EVs, you might be trying to narrow your search in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle segment. Right now, two of the most popular models are the 2023 Tesla Model Y near Santa Fe NM, and the VW ID.4. Certainly, both models have their strengths. Both will provide eco-friendly performance in and around the Santa Fe area, but which of the two is more deserving of your hard-earned income? Of course, here at Fiesta Volkswagen, we believe the VW ID.4 is the better choice and better value for Santa Fe drivers, and we have the numbers to back it up. Keep reading to compare these two crossovers to discover how they stack up.

ID.4 vs. Tesla Model Y: Base Price

Because a car is a major investment, price is a significant factor for most drivers, especially with today’s inflation rates being as high as they are. Those who choose the Volkswagen ID.4 will save considerably, thanks to its price being much lower than the Tesla. But you shouldn’t think that it’s lacking when it comes to features and performance. The base trim for the 2023 VW ID.4 has a starting MSRP of $37,495 (price excludes taxes, transportation, and other options and dealer charges), while the Tesla Model Y has a suggested MSRP of $65,990. And despite the ID.4 having a much lower starting price, it comes standard with more amenities than the Tesla. What’s more, Volkswagen EVs are still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, though Tesla autos are not! 

ID.4 vs. Tesla Model Y: Exterior Dimensions

Next up for comparison are the exterior dimensions of the vehicles. The VW ID.4 has more compact proportions, which allows it to traverse busy city streets easily. Parking also becomes less of a chore when your crossover is on the smaller side. The ID.4 has a 5-inch shorter wheelbase, allowing it to make tighter turns than the Tesla, and an overall length about six inches less than the Tesla, making it easier to fit into tight spaces. The width of the VW ID.4 is about three inches less than the Model Y, and the height is almost an inch shorter, which still gives passengers ample headroom. 

VW ID.4 vs. 2023 Tesla Model Y near Santa Fe NM: Interior Dimensions

Even though the Tesla has larger exterior measurements, it doesn’t mean that the VW ID.4 feels overcrowded inside. Next, we’ll check how the two crossovers compare against each other with interior space. Technically, the Tesla Model Y can seat up to 7 passengers, but you’ll need to upgrade in order to do so, which will cost you even more. Both the VW ID.4 and the Model Y have standard seating for five passengers. 

Overall, both crossovers have similar dimensions inside, but the ID.4 is roomier in a few key places. The VW has about an inch more front shoulder and hip room than the Tesla and nearly two more inches of shoulder room in the second row. Although the 2023 Tesla Model Y near Santa Fe NM does have a bit more front headroom than the ID.4, it’s only 4/10 of an inch!

ID.4 vs. Model Y: Standard Safety and Other Cool Features

You can get either CUV with many advanced driver-assist features. Several of those features come standard on the VW, while you’ll need to shell out more money for them to be added to the Model Y. These include adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, and rear parking assist. 

In addition, a few amenities that come standard with the ID.4 that aren’t even offered on the Model Y. That says a lot! Regarding driving enjoyment, having the right features can make a big difference during your daily commute. These include auto-leveling headlights, integrated turn signal mirrors, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a universal garage door opener. For the price of a Tesla, you’d think it would include everything!

Reserve Your New ID.4 Today!

As we hope you can see, the Volkswagen ID.4 would be a much better investment of your money than the Tesla Model Y. Please stop by the dealership of Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque NM to learn more, or visit our website to build and reserve your new VW ID.4 right now!