​​​​​​​Adding Excitement to University Tours in your VW in Albuquerque NM

University tours in your VW in Albuquerque NM offer a far superior experience to picking the right school for you or your pending student. Instead of traveling with limitations, VW provides a mode of transport that provides comfort for the long haul and style when rolling up to the campus grounds. They say that first impressions are crucial. Exiting the confines of a VW vehicle to tour a university resonates with confidence and class. Prospective students should go big, and that means going with VW. 

Staying Local

​​​​​​​University tours in your VW in Albuquerque NM can be had anywhere. Still, with a campus like the University of New Mexico located in Albuquerque, the need to travel a great distance might not be worth the trouble. The VW Bug can provide that first impression image with enthusiasm and the top down for a valuable tour without having to make the long haul to get there. Let us not forget that you are not the only student and parent group taking the tour. The chances are the campus will be packed with people. The Bug provides an excellent response to tight parking. Squeezing where larger vehicles cannot offer an opportunity to be even closer to the action when stepping out from the confines of a timeless classic.

University Tours in your VW in Albuquerque NM: A Closer A&M

Those dreaming of attending Texas A&M but cannot stomach the drive across the state of Texas, even in a VW, can find a compromise with West Texas A&M University in Amarillo. While the drive might not be as long, a VW can make it even more pleasurable. The VW Taos offers the perfect driving companion with its large cargo hold for luggage that sits atop a midsize frame for fuel-efficiency. Although the distance might be less, the current fuel prices might argue the validity. The Taos puts the argument to bed while delivering its future college graduate to the school of their dreams. 

Looking to the West

Some college preppers might be pulled in different directions with a view to the west calling their names. Arizona State University offers a popular venue for a quality education while experiencing something other than the everyday normal of home. Students branching out and putting some distance between themselves and the family home can confidently travel in VW’s all-new Jetta. It is all business in selecting the college of choice, so it makes sense to put on the face of business in a genuinely excellent four-door sedan that personifies success. 

Slopes and Studies

For those seeking a well-rounded college experience, the extracurricular should be considered as important as the studies themselves. For those ready to pursue the best in and out of the classroom, pack up the Atlas and make the long trek north to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. While the course and campus will feed your thirst for knowledge, the pristine ski slopes will fuel your sense of adventure. Just remember when embarking on this tour not to let temptation pull you from the business of getting an education. Skiing is excellent, but a college degree provides personal achievement that lasts forever. So, when returning from the Fort Lewis tour, a quick run to the auto parts store for a ski rack might outfit the Atlas as the perfect college student companion. For those looking for a new VW to tour colleges in, contact Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.