2021 Volkswagen ID.4 near Rio Rancho NM Electrifies the EV Market

Volkswagen’s hype pointed at its entry into the EV market finds validation with its ability to travel up to 250 miles between charges. Suddenly long distances as opposed to short grocery store runs prove to be a reality with the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 near Rio Rancho NM. Further fueling the concept, VW offers a sleek and stylish appearance that partners nicely with its rear-wheel-drive functionality. Understanding its audience through years of loyalty, the ID.4 will be offered with an all-wheel drive option. Most importantly, VW remained true to its sporty and visually appealing design and refrained from a totally futuristic time machine lookalike.

Best in the World

The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 near Rio Rancho NM solidifies its position at the top of the hill with being named the winner of the World Car of the Year award. No higher title exists to further boost its accomplishment. Bestowed by a panel of 93 well known automotive journalists, the ID.4 won on merits including its availability on at least two continents. VW’s MEB dedicated electric platform was a leading factor in the winning decision. Competitors such as Mercedes Benz have lost their way in this very setting of technology. The panel further exhibited acceptance and excitement with the ID.4’s future offering of all wheel drive functionality to compete in specific markets. This only solidifies that this EV has been developed for a global audience.


2021 Volkswagen ID.4 near Rio Rancho NM: A Look at the Numbers

Avoiding the exciting design and just concentrating on the numbers game, VW lovers will remain captured by their shockwave of new technology. Offering an MSRP of $39,995, the ID.4 can still be potentially brought home for $32,495 after applying estimated tax credits. Considering the cost of vehicles in today’s market and adding the EV factor, the wallet continues to easily be opened. The Pro S and 1st Edition models are said to have the capacity needed to travel up to 250 miles of charge. Securing a DC public fast charge station, the ID.4 can gain 60 miles worth of charge in a quick ten minutes. With increasing fuel prices, this alternate power pickup proves quite inviting.

In and Out

The ID.4 impresses automotive enthusiasts all the way around. The exterior pops like an exciting small-scale SUV with an aggressive front end and LED headlights. Door handles and mirrors disappear with the high glossed monochromatic paint scheme that decorates the vehicle. Black trim accents the front end and tire trim. In keeping with the theory that less is more, the ID.4 lives up to the concept. The tail lights provide the same LED capability and are outlined in a trim and design that almost sneers at vehicles in the rear. With every mile travelled, this exciting EV seems to dare others on the road to catch up if they can. If the ID.4’s exterior elevates the heartbeat, the interior makes the heart melt. An enormous touchscreen serves as command central and provides ease of view. The steering wheel is comfortably wrapped and designed for the drivers to keep both hands in place as a plethora of features can be controlled from its center. A large digital instrumentation cluster compliments the touchscreen design and further accentuates driver comfortability. Generous spacing and luxurious accommodations round out the interior making it more of a hideout that the driver and passengers will never want to escape.

Going Electric and Never Going Back

As exciting as change can be, it often meets hesitation and loses the battle. Going electric is a big step that VW wants to ensure the buyer will fully embrace. Assisting in the decision-making process, VW offers a quiz on its website to help make the decision-making process less painful. Simply navigate to the VW website and answer a handful of pertinent questions. Entering the start point and driver destination allows for mileage calculation. Then the inquirer must input the fuel mileage of the current driving mode. A final designation of where the ID.4 will be potentially stored and then VW provides valuable information to be used in deciding if the ID.4 is the best buy for the driver. The site estimates how many commutes can be accomplished on one tank of charge. Most interestingly, the calculation tool estimates how many different charging options are available for your common daily commute. To learn more how the ID.4 can change your driving experience and life, contact Fiesta VW at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.


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